Riots on handball match Vardar - Pelister 26.03.2023

vardar pelister

N. Macedonia: Total chaos in Skopje!

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Meanwhile in Poland: Google Street View catch hooligans in action

google streetview hooligan

Poland: Crazy Google StreetView Catch

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Aris - PAOK 19.03.2023

aris paok 1

Greece: Derby of Thessaloniki

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Real Sociedad ultras attack on Roma ultras' bus ahead of their match in Europa League


Europa League: Fight near stadium

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Total chaos in Napoli before the Champions League match Napoli-Eintracht

napoli eintracht riots

Champions League: Big riots in Napoli

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Eintracht Frankfurt fans detained in Naples 14.03.2023

eintracht fans detained in napoli

UCL: Over 300 SGE fans in Naples

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West Ham banned fans involved in viral video

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England: Viral video lead to bans

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What are the Most Hostile Places to Play in the Premier League?

The Premier League has some fierce stadiums. But which ones are the most notorious? Read on for more.

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Besiktas fans throw thousands of plush toys and stopped match

photo 2023 02 26 20 35 51

Turkey: Great gesture by Beskitas fans

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PSV fan attacked Sevilla’s goalkeeper

psv seville 1

UEL: Hooligan attacked goalkeeper

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News: Big attack on Schalke fans this morning

attack on schalke

Germany: Ambush on buses

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60yo disabled Roma fan ends up in hospital after alleged police mistreatment in Salzburg

roma fan beaten by police

UEL: ASR fans mistreated by police

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NEWS: Delije stole flags from Fedayn Roma

delije fedayn roma

News: Roma lost important banners

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Brigade Loire denied access to away section in Juventus stadium

brigade loire nantes

UEL: Police deny entry to Nantes supporters

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Partizan Belgrade fans arrested and banned: Moldova fears of Russian coup

grobari rusija z

Europa Conference League: Ban for fans

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Palmeiras fans ambushed Corinthians 10.02.2023

palmeiras corinthians fight riots

Brazil: Brutal fight left many injured..

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Curva Nord Milano - Statement about Fedayn Roma & Delije

curva nord inter fedayn roma stella rossa

CN69 position about the stolen Fedayn banners

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Portuguese ultras protest this weekend: Longa Vida aos Ultras!

Portugal: United protest against repression from the authorities

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Schalke 04 fans raised 220.000 Euros for stadium lights

schalke parkstadion 1

Germany: 3000 fans gathered at the old Parkstadion.

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64 ultras of Burgos and Real Zaragoza arrested 1675333126207 poster

Spain: Massive arrests

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