Crazy Ultras fireworks!

ultras fireworks 101

GALLERY: Photos of crazy fireworks in stadium!

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Bird's eye view stadiums

bird eye stadiums 139

GALLERY: Collection of stadium photos seen from above.

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Old school ultras photos from AC Milan


GALLERY: Old school photos from Curva Sud Milano!

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Ultras in bad weather

ultras bad weather 1

GALLERY: Weather can't stop ultras!

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Gallery: Beautiful girls from World Cup 2018

world cup girls russia

Sexy girls from World Cup 2018 Russia.

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Gallery: Sexy girls from EURO 2016

www.ultras-tifo.netEURO 2016: Collection of hot female supporters!

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Gallery: Casual girls

www.ultras-tifo.netGALLERY: 25 sexy casual girls!

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Gallery: World Cup 2014 Girls

world cup brazil girl

GALLERY: World Cup Brazil 2014 sexy girls.

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Gallery: Balkan lower leagues

Some funny photos from Balkan lower leagues.

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Gallery: Old School - AS Roma

ITALY: Gallery from AS Roma between 1930 and 1990!

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