Levski Sofia - CSKA Sofia 29.04.2012

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Very good Sofia derby.

BULGARIA: Levski Sofia - CSKA Sofia 29.04.2012


"Sofia blue zone 24/7"

"Since you were artificially created, the directive is clear- Beating you, fucking you, so Sofia is tight for you!"

"You never stop swearing while you caw your pathetic lies,/
You, zombinated red assholes, you have even convinced yourselves/
That you're something different from a mutant, created with a communist talent-
A shitty red parody, a child of communist breed!"

"CSKA is neighborhood in Instanbul "

"You talk about us but actually describing yourselves, remember, you will never escape your socialist roots- dairy farm-robbers with communist pentagram, you mongrel scum!"



"On the streets you are knifers,at the stadium you are mice"

"Apostle,forgive this scum for stealing your name"

"The team of the commie police has nothing to do with the Apostle"

"You like it or you do not, CSKA will be champion" "Hooligans masks hide your male intimacy"

"You don't want police, you don't want police cordon but you'll always care the shame of the blue strap"