Feyenoord Rotterdam - Sevilla FC 27.11.2014

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www.ultras-tifo.netEuropa League: Spectacular banner made by Feyenoord fans!

Europa League: Spectacular banner made by Feyenoord fans!

Different supporter groups of Feyenoord worked on a massive banner (100 x 15,5 meters) for this match. The banner shows the Dutch admiral Piet Hein from Rotterdam capturing the Spanish treasure fleet in a battle which took place in the Eighty Year's War in 1628. To increase make it even better signal rockets were light above the tribune where the choreography took place. Yellow fire was used to simulate the Spanish destruction on the banner. On tribune next to the banner fans used a lot of red smoke.









Sevilla FC decided to not take any away tickets for their fans, therefore no away supporters where allowed in the city or stadium. Because of that 107 Sevilla supporters got arrested before entering the city, as they didn't have "correct tickets" (tickets for home sectors). The Spanish supporters traveled with buses from Spain and were taken on a highway near Rotterdam.

All fans were brought to a nearby police station and fined 50 Euros each. After a few hours in the station they were returned back to Spain.