AIK - Napoli 22.11.2012

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Europa League: Lot of tension before this match!

A lot of talk about this match. Few Swedish supporters were stabbed when they went to Italy for Napoli - AIK in the first match.

This match was also the very last at famous Råsunda Stadium. After 75 years AIK will now play their matches at a new modern National "Arena".

It's been reported many attacks on Napoli supporters before the match, but not any big riots. Police seemed to be well organized.


Photos & Videos:

Graffiti "fuck Napoli" made around Råsunda Stadium.

"The legend of Råsunda immortalized with time"
1937 - The year Råsunda opened.

"In our hearts the sun will always rise over Råsunda"

"We gonna miss you for the rest of our lives"

Away fans:

Good numbers from Napoli, from south of Italy to the north of Europe.