1.FC Union Berlin - VFL Wolfsburg 10.02.2024

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Germany: Protest against DFB

The match between Union and Wolfsburg in the Bundesliga was interrupted for a prolonged period, and there was even a threat of cancellation.

Twenty-five minutes after the kickoff, the game was halted because tennis balls were thrown onto the field from the fan block of the Berlin team – a protest against the DFL's decision to attract investors in marketing revenu. After a good ten-minute break, the game was supposed to resume, but tennis balls were thrown onto the field again amidst chants of "Tennis balls - not a crime."

Referee Matthias Jollenbeck blew his whistle again after a few seconds, led the teams off the field, and finally into the dressing rooms.

It's worth noting that tennis balls were thrown onto the field not only from the home fan section but also from the guest stand.

After a thirty-minute break, the game resumed.

The match between Borussia Mönchengladbach and Darmstadt was also interrupted for almost 15 minutes. The home team's fans also threw tennis balls on the pitch and put up a banner: "Borussia, listen to your fans!".

On Friday night, fans in Dortmund and Hamburg used bicycle locks on goalposts, chocolate coins and tennis balls to protest against DFL proposals for private investment in marketing revenue.