Latest news from Athens after big riots in which one fan was killed

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aek dinamo killed

Greece: Match postponed

Following the aftermath of the AEK v Dinamo Zagreb, here's some updates from Greek media outlets and our sources:

» Group of 200 BBB (Dinamo Zagreb fans) arrived with cars in Greece via Albania successfully escaped Greek police

» One of the AEK fans in the hospital, a 21-year-old, is in very serious condition with multiple hematomas.

» 4 of the arrested Greeks will be released by order of a prosecutor. One is seriously injured and the other three agree to testify.

» 1 Croat arrested on border with Albania

» 9 Croats arrested in one of Athen's hotel

» 82 Croats arrested on scene

» 7 more Croats were arrested when trying to cross border with North Macedonia this afternoon

» 1 German, 1 Albanian, 1 Austrian & 1 Bosnian arrested

» 12 Greeks arrested

» 3 Greeks in hospital

» 5 Croats in hospital

» Match postponed

» And the saddest part - a 29-years-old AEK fan dead