Shkupi - Levski, Levski fan stabbed in Skopje (Updated)

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shkupi levski skopje

UECL: Fight in Skopje

A 29-years-old Levski supporter was stabbed multiple times in Skopje during an ambush on two cars carrying Bulgarian fans.

His life was initially in danger, but media now reports that he has stabilized, although his condition remains serious.

It is now confirmed the attack was done by Shkupi (supported by Albanians).The incident occurred in a neighborhood known to be popular among Shkupi fans.

Before the match, Levski fans clashed with the police at the entrance of the away sector of the stadium, resulting in several arrests, with a total of approximately 40 Levski supporters detained throughout the day. By latest information, about 20 of them are still being held by the Police. 

Video of the attack:

Levski v ACAB:


Shkupi fans at the match

shkupi levski skopje


Levski fans at the match

shkupi levski skopje


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