Top Five Derbies This August in Europe

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Football matches can bring excitement, but nothing beats the derby game. Competitions like the Champions League and the Europa League may deliver some exhilarating matches, but nothing comes close to the derby! This kind of rivalry is nothing like your regular football match. Bad blood brews and crunching tackles are the order of the day. 

The first derby was played in 1860 between Sheffield F.C and Hallam F.C in England, which comes as no surprise. England also gave birth to the rule book as we know it in football.
Unmissable Derbies Across Europe

A derby, by definition, is a local rivalry between two teams seeking to carry the flag for the local area. In Europe, there are derbies that bring business to a standstill in different countries. These are some of the games that you dare not miss as a football fan. While pay-TV may offer some of these games, fans are now turning to online alternatives such as the Bet365 mobile app to be part of the action. Apps like these will let you stream the games as you keep up with your bet. Here are some of the most sizzling derbies you can look forward to across Europe as the new season starts.
Manchester City vs Arsenal 

While this game may not have been the action-packed event it is now before Manchester City's financial takeover, it certainly provides the fireworks these days. Arsenal will come to the match with a chip on their shoulder, having been knocked off the top spot last season and the title snatched from them. With new signings and some notable departures, the game is set to sizzle when the two hit the turf on the 6th of August for the community shield. 
Chelsea vs Liverpool

The rivalry between Chelsea and Liverpool started in the beginning of the 20th century when the former went under a financial takeover. In one of the first financial takeovers of its kind in the Premier League era, Chelsea moved from being minnows in the premier league to clinching back-to-back titles. Liverpool fans would jeer at Chelsea for their lack of history, but little did they know that their team would play a big role in Chelsea's history. 
In the 2002/03 season, Jesper Gronkjaer scored in the season's final game to beat Liverpool to take Chelsea into the Champions League at Liverpool's expense. This brought Russian rubles to the club with Abramovich's takeover, and the club has not been the same since. It is moments like these that make the tie such a crunching match.
Manchester United vs Tottenham 

Manchester United and Tottenham have been going at it for the period that they have been in the top flight. The rivalry between the two is not quite a rivalry in the strictest terms of it. The two have always been tagged with what if and moments that never happened between them. Sir Alex Ferguson missing out on the Tottenham job to go and take the helm during Manchester United's most successful period is probably one of those that will remain etched in the minds of Spurs fans. This season, they meet again with arguably much better-matched teams than most other seasons. 
Atletico Madrid vs Sevilla 

We may know Atletico Madrid as the less shiny, less popular, less victorious Madrid team. Naturally, this would mean that Atletico fans naturally hate Real Madrid with a passion. What you may not know is the hatred between Atletico and Sevilla fans. The story behind this rivalry is not so much about what happens on the pitch than what happens outside it. Cases of cheating, bribery, violence and the meddling of politics in football are the main reasons fans from these two clubs don't see eye to eye. This season, they renew the rivalry early on as they fight for more than just points and a position on the league table.
Napoli vs Lazio 

While not one of the most fierce rivalries in Italy, this match does bring with it some exciting football. Napoli is currently flying high, coming off a long-awaited Serie A championship win last season. Lazio, having finished second to Napoli, is out to grab a win and get up and running in the new season. The match promises fireworks with the league's top scorer in Napoli's ranks. 

There are lots of thrilling derbies all across Europe as local teams go head to head for a claim on vital points and the bragging rights that come with being the top team. Tides have shifted over and again when it comes to matches such as these with each team enjoying a period of success in the tie. 
Some of the top rivals have already gone against each other in the pre-season, but league ties are bound to hold the most action. With the transfer window coming to a close, rivals will have strengthened their ranks in readiness for the epic face-offs that derbies serve up.