Almost 500 Danish football fans got compensation for wrongful arrest

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www.ultras-tifo.netPolice lost in Danish court after 500 fans were arrested in December 2013.

Police lost in Danish court after 500 fans were arrested in December 2013.

After the derby between the Danish clubs Brøndby and FC København in December 2013, almost 500 fans were arrested by the police.

The fans were tear-gassed, had their ankles bound and detained on the cold ground for up to three hours. Some suffered dog bites and truncheon blows. A fifth of them were aged under 18. Most of them never took part in the brawl outside the stadium.

The Copenhagen police have already admitted it was wrong to detain almost 500 fans and already payed 2500 kroner (335 euros) for "false imprisonment" for each of those arrested.

But 359 supporters demanded further compensation, as they believed that police broke with the torture provisions covered under European human rights laws concerning degrading treatment by authorities. They wanted additional 4000 kroner (535 euros).

In October 2014 the district court rejected this, as fans were offered the possibility to use toilet and were able to get water.

Instead they were all awarded 1500 kroner (200 euros) each in extra compensation for the illegal detention, which means each of fans got a total of 535 euros. Not big amount, but more important is victory over the system!