Budućnost - Slask 19.07.2012

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Match report written by Slask supporter.


Budućnost Pogorica (Montenegro) - Slask Wroclaw (Poland) 19.07.2012

Second qualifying round for Europa league.

Report written by Slazak, member of our forum and Slask supporter.

We started trip from Wroclaw to Podgornica on Tuesday at 8 o clock morning. Passed way without any big troubles till border Serbia-Monteregro where lot of cope were waiting us.

Finally after detailed search we lost over 40 flares and many ahtungs. After 30 hours driving we reached Parking 17 km before Podgornica.

Cops said that we have to wait here for other buses from Poland. 4 hours before a match we decided to move on stadium but police prohibit our drivers moving so we started walking to the city.

Police stopped us and after long conversation we agreed to go at 19h.Soon they said 20hk! The atmosphere was very hot... 3 buses, 2 mini-buses and a few cars just were full of anger.

30 Minutes before match they said "Lets go!", and we made wrong decision listening them. When we came back to buses, they barricade us inside and everyone who went outside was beaten. Those idiots were very aggressive. We couldnt do nothing.

Another 3,5 hours we spent at buses without the possibility of using the toilet, drink water etc. On this movie u can see how they broke window in mini-bus.

Another 100 Slask fans was held very close to city but 20 of them reached stadium. They run from escort, than get in city bus and force driver to go stadium.

I wasnt in city but I'll write some facts.

To stadium Slask entered the stadium by breaking the gate.

Our pyrotechnics was found and choreo wasn't allowed. In fight with cops many people got injured, one guy almost lost life, beaten into unconsciousness without any medical help! One women on wheelchair also got beaten. They don't look is it man, women, car or whatever... it was like 20 years ago in Poland. Even club spokesman was beaten and footballers were robbed of shirts. Total chaos.

Our main group left sector 10 min before kick off in protest, outside stadium SAJ were waiting for them ( SAJ is Serbian anti terrorist unit) and same like before match. Those fuckers destroying cars forcing to leave the city." Barbarians" gives in 100% mentality of those peoples.

My bus and another 3 were escorted back from parking in Montenegro till Wroclaw... 80 hours on way without match but if someone asks me: it was worth? Yes it was! Hej Slask !


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