Aris - Paok

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Match report
Match report:
Aris - Paok

Aris Salonica - PAOK Salonika (25/01-2009) Greece.
Perhaps the most important match in for Ultras in Thessaloniki.

The party for the match started very early around 3pm, kick off was 7pm. Our biggest club was full of people making the last preparations for the match. The pub was also full!
At 6pm we went to the stadium, there we gave our confetti and flares to everyone for the beginning of the match. When the teams came out on the pitch for warm ups we showed them what this match ment for us. Chants, flares and everything!

Teams entered the lock rooms again, and when they came out again this happend:

We also showed our "friends" of Paok who is the real boss in this city:

The match ended 0-0, and later there was many incidents.

Already Wednesday 28/01 we play Paok home again, this time in the cup and our stands will be ready.


Thanks to "iatro" for this match report! You can click here to see more actions from this match and other matches in Greece in January 2009.

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