Match report: Ahly - Zamalek

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Match report
Match report:
Ahly - Zamalek
Egypt (11-1-2009)



 Ahly - Zamalek two of the teams from Egypt with the best supporters. The ultra-scene in Egypt went from nearly nothing to something great. Sad about this is that the goverment and media also care more about them... Ultras-Tifo recived a match report we would like to cheer with you:

Ahly 1 - 0 Zamalek 11-1-2009
Before the match media talked a lot about an incident with flares during a match a week earlier between Ismaily vs Ahly.

At Friday, two days before the derby, one important and famous man who work in the goverment was in the media and attacked Ultras, espesially Ultras Ahlywy. He has always been against them, but this time he showed pictures of them with drugs and vine and said they sell this at stadiums. He also said Ultras has no religion and only want to make trouble. Because of this whole Egypt was suprised.

After this, at Saturday, cops started to arrest members of Ultras Ahlywy. Some of them was lucky preparing tifo when the cops made the arrestions, so they didnt find them. After that cops also started to make arrests on members from Ultras White Knights (Zamalek), also here cops didnt find everyone as they worked with tifo. The cops went to the place where Ultras White Knights worked with tifo, but they didnt find the tifo or the workers. But, the cops took the banner of the group, but they got the banner back later.
One of the reasons behind this behavior from the cops is because they was afraid the groups would make tifo to support Palestines or attack Israels actions in the past.
In Egypt people who talk about politics that the goverment dont support is seen as a dangerous man which hate the goverment.

 The cops seemed to have right at something, because White Knights worked on a huge banner to support Palestine. The goverment is afraid such actions will make political problems with Israel as the tifo is for Palestine.

The banner is representing the arabian nation with flag of Palestine. (Its not the whole action)

 At match day:
It was very hard to enter the stadium. People wearing something that has to do with ultras was arrested. People wearing the team shirt was told to take it off. People with words in English on their clothes might got arrested if the cops thought it had to do with Ultras.
Everybody was searched when they entered the stadium, no bottles, foods or flags was allowed.
Because of this the ultras-groups didnt go to the match. A few of the ultras-members went to the match, but they had to be very carefully and try to hide themself. Few others had no change to go as their faces is known.

During the match:
People who acted like ultras was banned (singing, standing etc). Everybody was forced to sit down, and all kind of groups inside the stadium had cops between them and other fans. Even with all those rules songs in support of Palestine was made and spred, also at other matches.

Only 20 000 people came to this match, which is the lovest number of fans at this derby (around 80 000 sometimes!). And ofcourse, there was no tifo at this match, even when both groups had worked very hard to prepare a good show as they have been used to in the past.

Ultras-groups in Egypt is facing a big danger now. Cops and media is really against them and no one know what will happen or what the groups will do. Cops/media has the power in Egypt, and when the mentality is like zero, then its very hard for those who try their best.