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Match report:



The Plovdiv-derby in Bulgaria kicked off in the end of November. Here is a short description about the derby in general + a little match report!

 The derby in general:

The derby is between Botev and Lokomotiv Plovdiv. Plovdiv is the second largest city in Bulgaria and many of Bulgaria`s best players come from this city.
The derby dates from 1951. Botev has won it 30 times, 23 matches ended with draw while Lokomotiv won it 33 times. The derby is the best in Bulgaria. It has good atmosphere and atleast 3 goals in almost every derby, which make it pleasant to watch. Its always a lot of people anttendig these games and its really a celebration for the city.

The derby is famous for its fights before and after the match, and in every match something happen in the streets. The most fearsome fight took place here in Plovdiv.
Lokomotiv have 3 groups: Lauta Hools, Napoletani Ultras Plovdiv and Gott Mit Uns.
Botev have 4 main groups: The Wild Band Kichuka, Rebel North, Brigade Trakia and Izgrev Boys.
Both teams has most supporters at home games. Sometimes you can see more away supporters from Plovdiv then from the team who play home.

 Match report: Botev Plovdiv - Lokomotiv Plovdiv 29/11-2008

Here is a short story about what happend on this derby (I can speak from my side Botev Plovdiv and my group The Wild Band Kichuka).
Around 100 of us went to a pub before the match to take a few drinks. Fucking cops arrived to the pub to escort us to the stadium, which resulted in no fights for one of the first times at this derby.
We walked around 3 kilometers to the stadium, singing all the way. We arrived around 40 minutes before kick off. We prepared our flags (our choregraphy for the match). With these flags we returnd about 20 years back when the fans of that time used them to support the team. Old school stuff. We had around 1200 flags, 3 huge one`s. Also 30 flares, 50 smokebombs, 5 homemade smokebombs and 3 smokebombs from the army.
The atmosphere from Botev was really great, one of the best from all derbies I have been at. On the other side we had the Lokomotiv supporters. I cant say a lot, only what I saw at the game. They was around 4000 supporters and had some ribbons (rolls of paper)they threw at the beginning of the game. Around 20 flares and a couple of smokebombs and their choregraphy was a big banner on 25x50 meters which showed the old Town as background and with Ultras in front of it. Under it was written "Lokomotiv".
Their singing was very bad this time, I have never seen them this weak before. I do not say this because they are our rivals. Many normal fans watching the match said the same.
All in all a good derby which ended 2-2. Great atmosphere, but the cops made it bored for us who wanted more stuff to happen.

 Some pictures from the match:



Click here to watch a movie from the match. Includes flags and pyro from Botev, singing and paper rolls from Lokomotiv!

More pictures can be seen here.