Crvena Zvezda 0:1 Bolton Wanderers 6.12.07.

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It was a normal day… i was sitting at work when i got sms from my Hungarian friend: “I have an idea. Come with me to Beograd for a match of Crvena against Bolton"

Three days later i met my friend at railway station in Budapest. He showed me the city and of course all stadiums in Budapest. In the evening we came for a match of my friend’s team, Ujpest played against Dyósgior, but I knew that it’s not important match because Hungarian fans protest against Cup of league. By the way I just wanted to see the nice stadium of Ujpest and meet some violet fans. Poles and Hungarian have a great contact, there is even popular proverb in both countries “Lengyel, Magyar – két jó barát”(Pole and Hungarian are two brothers). So on Euro 2008 you can expect many Hungarian who will support Polish national team;)

Next day my friend and two other guys got in a car and choosed a motorway directly to Belgrad. After few hours we were in Serbia. I didn’t see too much because it was dark, but stadiums of Crvena Zvezda and Partizan are in great district. There is mountain with many nice houses of rich people… doesn’t matter we came here for a match and still did`nt have tickets! Of course we needed tickets for one tribune… SEVER! We were walking around the stadium and started to ask people. After two minutes we bought tickets on Sever from one guy. But the way to tribune is not simple, in huge crowd you have to walk to the small enter, everywhere were cops in white helmets and no place to breath. When I was closely to enter one cop stopped me and took my wallet, he trough up all my coins. Friend told me that’s normal in Serbia before match. I didn’t care when I think about English fans who lost their pounds:)

Yes(!), finally I get on Serbian version of Maracana. Stadium looks nice, not many but still good enemies-Sons of Albion(about 800), many fans of Crvena Zvezda, it looked for a good match.

Serbian fans started match with loud songs, it was great, It feltl like Legia matches before our protest and my stadium ban. Nice feeling to see good atmosphere again. Songs were louder and louder so Red Star also played good. Sometimes Sever made a dialog with other tribunes. I didn’t understand too much but it was still nice;) Unfortunately in last minute of first half Bolton scored a goal, I only see delight in sector of English fans but I didn’t hear them.

Because of this goal support in second half wasn’t great, fans were singing only in the middle part of Sever and not loud till one moment. Crvena Zvezda fans showed their opinion about autonomy of Kosovo, they painted on the banner “Kosovo is Serbian”. Many people on tribune put three fingers in the air and were singing some patriots songs and also screamed that Kosovo is a part of Serbia. Serbian team didn’t play so well so fans focused at other things. I think everybody remember a cop who was catched by Crvena Zvezda fans. Dragan Jocic-Minister of Police department in Serbia said that this cop should  shoot some fans too. Supporters didn’t forget his words and dedicated some songs to Jocic. My friend translated one song, it was about Jocic who robbed shops as a young guy, he was catched and now he is minister of the police… strange story:p After match nothing happened. I just went with friend to eat Serbian food-pljeskjavica and drink some beers. Next day I was in Poland and could to talk about this nice trip with friends;)


Written by "Giorgio"