Hajduk - Rijeka 13/03/2010

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Match report from Croatian Adriatic coast derby Hajduk Split VS Rijeka.

The derby of Adritic coast between Hajduk and Rijeka is knows as the second strongest derby in Croatia. In 400km distant Split, around 150 supporters of Armada headed on the match. Most of the supporters has arrived with organized buses. About sixty supporters who traveled in their personal arrangement were late for the match because the police did a thorough search of their vehicles. When Armada was at the entrance of the stadium, there was a small fight with the police. Aproximatly ten people were arrested because of pyro and acohol, and the others entered the stadium.


On the opposite terrace, there were few thousands of Hajduk supporters, Torcida. On the fence, instead of their usual banners, they had a huge message: „We want codex”. With that banner they are continuing their ‘fight’ against the club board, and they want a codex for managing of club.

Both of them started with throwing insults at each other as they are old rivals, mostly based on their regional basis. Torcida rised a banner that was illegaly procured to the stadium, with a threath to the city goverment that has destroyed the city and the club, and Armada responded with their illegaly procured banner in which they are calling the supporters of Hajduk, and citizens of Split „stupid bastards” because of ther naivety in their pick of the city goverment.

At the beggining of second half the supporters besides vocal support, also provided in stronger visual support for their clubs. Armada had a choreography with huge patterned scarves and banners that colour on those scarves marks the true master of Adriatic coast. Armada had only several torches, while Torcida on the other side provided a huge pyro spectacle.

Police report from the Adriatic coast derby sais that 13 supporters of Hajduk and 9 supporters of Rijeka were arrested before, during and after match, because of damaged vans, buses, alcohol and using of pyro.

Video of Torcida pyro show:


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