Best of Partizan 2010/2011

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Season review: Partizan (Serbia) 2010/2011


Season review: Partizan (Serbia) 2010/2011


Grobari are supporters of the Belgrade football club Partizan Belgrade. They are one of two major football fan groups in Serbia. They generally support all clubs within the Partizan Sports Society.
Grobari consist of four main groups: Južni Front, Grobari 1970,Grobari Beograd and Alcatraz with various subgroups form the four larger ones. Some of the subgroups are Koalicija Grobari Zvezdara, Erotica, Grobari Padinjak, Anti-Romi, Niški kartel, Čuvari časti, South Family, Brain Damage, Grobari Nikšić, Head Hunters, Irriducibili NBG, Shadows, 'Extreme Boys, Ludaci - Padinska Skela, Young Boys,Grobari Kosmet etc.

The group as a whole traditionally maintains good relations with the Greek PAOK football club supporters Gate 4,and Russian PFC CSKA Moscow. First groups of organized Partizan fan supporters began to visit the JNA stadium in the late 1950s. they occupied southern stands of the stadium. Grobari name was formed in 1970. and during the following decade, as well as all over Europe, Grobari started bringing fan equipments to the stadiums such as flares, supporting scarfs, transparents and flags (in the late 70's), which gave a whole new aspect to the sport club supporting.

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Photos & Videos:


Partizan-Pynik (Qualifications for CL result 3-1)


Helnsiki-Partizan (qualifications for CL result 1-2)
Distance between Belgrade and Helnsiki is 2059 km in one way.


Paok-Partizan (friendly: result 1:0)
Grobari and G4 (Paok fans) are brothers and everything was in friendly atmosphere.


Partizan-Indjija (League; result:2-1)

Partizan-Anderlecht (play off for CL; result 2-2)
Choreo on whole stadion.


Anderlecht-Partizan (play off for CL; result 2-2; penalties 3-2)


After the match with Anderlecht thousands fans waited for players on Belgrade airport and they made big party on the streets.


OFK Belgrade-Partizan (league; result 0-2)


Partizan-Hajduk Kula (league; result 2-0)


Partizan-Rad (League; result 3-0)


Shakhtar Donetsk-Partizan (1st group game CL; result 1-0)
Distance between Belgrade and Donetsk is 2472 km in one way.


Borac Cacak-Partizan (league; result 0-2)


Partizan-Spartak Subotica (league; result 0-0)


Partizan-Arsenal (2nd game, group stage CL; result 1-3)
Whole stadion choreo...



Vojvodina-Partizan (league; 2-0)


Partizan-Smederevo (league; 5-3)


Braga-Partizan (3rd stage game CL; result 2-0)
Distance beetwen Belgrade and Braga is 2980 km in one way


Before the big Belgrade derby there was a gay parade in Serbia.
A lot of young people made riots, and police made big repression on football fans several days later, so on derby nobody could bring flares or other pyro cause of huge security focus (only one flare on Grobari sector)...
C.Zvezda-Partizan (League, big Belgrade derby; result 0-1)


Partizan-Khimki (Basketball; euroleague; group stage; result 72-68)


Partizan-Proleter Novi Sad (Cup; result 3-0)


Partizan-Braga (4th group stage game CL; result 0-1 )
Whole stadion choreo...


Partizan-Maccabi (Basketball;2nd game group stage euroleague; result 54-67)


Sindjelic Nis-Partizan (cup; result 0-4)


Partizan-Javor (league; result 4-1)


Partizan-Caja Laboral (Basketball; 3rd group stage game Euroleague; result 74-71)


Cukaricki-Partizan (league; result 2-4)
Stadium is very small, and it is possible to climb on the fence, so some groups didn't want to pay tickets, and they watch this match from hills or they climbed on the walls.


Partizan-Shakhtar Donetsk (5th group game CL; result 0-3)


Partizan-Zalgiris (Basketball; 4th group stage game Euroleague; result 68-62)


Partizan-Metalac GM (league; result 5-0)


Arsenal-Partizan (6th and last one group stage game in CL; result 3-1)


Partizan-Olympiakos (Waterpolo euroleague)
Olympiakos fans are brothers with Red Star fans Delije, Grobari's biggest rival
Also, gate 7 (Olympiakos supporters) and gate 4 (Paok supporters) don't like each other.


Partizan-Efes (Basketball; top16 euroleague)


GAMES IN 2011...
A lot of great actions, and a lot of problems with cops and courts. They jailed 15 Grobaris in total 240 years of prison, for 'Brice Taton case'
We will fight for justice!
Freedom to all ultras!
Борба за правду


Partizan-Montepashi (basketball euroleague; top 16)


Partizan - Basharaz (Handball)


Partizan-Real Madrid (Basketball;euroleague; top16)


Partizan-Indjija (league)


Partizan-OFK Beograd (league)


Partizan-C.Zvezda (cup derby; semi-final 2-0)


Rad-Partizan (league)


Partizan-Aek (handball)


Woman basketball cup final


Partizan-Borac Cacak (League)


C.Zvezda-Partizan (cup semi-final; relevance 1-0; Partizan won in total score)


Partizan-C.Zvezda (Handball league; derby)


Spartak Subotica-Partizan (League)


Partizan-Vojvodina (league)


Partizan-C.Zvezda (league derby)


Jagodina-Partizan (league)


Partizan-BSK (league)


Vojvodina-Partizan (Serbian cup final)


Partizan-Cukaricki (league; Partizan is champion for season 2010/2011)


Metalac-Partizan (league; Partizan won the championship before this game)


Sloboda-Partizan (league; last game in the Serbian championship; Partizan is the champion)


Partizan-Hemofarm (Basketball; Playoff final; Partizan is champion in basketball 10th time in row)


Matches from this summer:


Partizan-Shkendija (qualifications for CL; result 4-0)


Genk-Partizan (qualifications for CL; result 2-1


Partizan-Genk (qualification for CL; result 1-1)


Partizan Belgrade this year won:

Football: championship, Serbian cup and played Champions League
Basketball: champion of Serbian league, Serbian cup, NLB (Adriatic league) and played Europa League in top16
Handball: Serbian championship, played semi-finals of European cup
Volleyball: Serbian championship
Hockey: Serbian championship, Slohockey league
Water-polo: Champions of the Europe, National champions, national cup


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