Best of Hajduk Split 2010/2011

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www.ultras-tifo.netSeason review: Hajduk Split (Croatia) 2010/2011


Season review: Hajduk Split (Croatia) 2010/2011

Torcida is a Hajduk Split supporters group, from Croatia, founded on 28 October 1950, making it the oldest supporters group in Europe. The name "Torcida" is the Brazilian Portuguese word for "supporters".
The slogan of the fans, "Hajduk lives forever ", testifies to the long and continuing tradition of Hajduk Split, which has survived without change from its establishment until today (While states and leagues have failed, "Hajduk lives forever").

Torcida members and other fervent fans of the club gather in the north stand at the stadium of Poljud from where they fiercely support their club.

Most known action from last season is their 100 year celebration which was amazing, and article we created for this happening got very popular (Read it here).


Here is a compilation of the best photos and videos of Hajduk Split Ultras last season:


Hajduk Split - Hamburg


Hajduk Split - Istra


Hajduk Split - Dinamo Bucuresti


Hajduk Split - Unirea Urziceni


Hajduk Split - Dinamo Zagreb


AEK Athen - Hajduk Split


Hajduk Split - Anderlecht


Karlovac - Hajduk Split


Zenit St.Petersburg - Hajduk Split


Cibalia - Hajduk Split


Hajduk Split - Istra


Hajduk Split - Hrvatski Dragovoljac (Torcida 60 years celebration)

Full report here!


Hajduk Split - Zenit St.Petersburg


Anderlecht - Hajduk Split

Full report here!


Hajduk Split - Slavia Praha (Frienldy - 100 year celebration):

Full article here!


Hajduk Split - RNK Split


Dinamo Zagreb - Hajduk Split


Hajduk Split - Rijeka

Friendly: Dubrovnik - Hajduk

Friendly: Široki Brijeg (BiH) - Hajduk